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Painting (Professional)


The professional class allows you to have 24 class hours that you can split to fit your preferences. Classes can take place during any day ACV is open. Contact Mikhail by email or by SMS to select dates that work best for you. If you miss a class, one week (3 days on which AVC is open) is given to reschedule and attend. No matter the genre, figurative, abstract, monumental, or miniature, the medium of painting has been and remains one of the most popular discipline in visual arts. Painting has qualities similar to drawing due to the use of tones but it also has an advantage: colors that make paintings so attractive. In ACV's painting classes you will be provided with: - Introduction to the basics of colours and tones - Understanding how to convert the lines and tones of a drawing into coloured shapes and forms - Introduction to composition and multifigured composition - Understanding of still life that contains both singular and multifigure objects - Ability to apply anatomical skill in painting of human head and body Please bring your own materials.



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