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Constructive Drawing (Leisure)


The leisure class allows you to have 12 class hours that you can split to fit your preferences. Classes can take place during any day ACV is open. Contact Mikhail by email or by SMS to select dates that work best for you. If you miss a class, one week (3 days on which AVC is open) is given to reschedule and attend. For some creatives, the purpose of drawing is a philosophical comprehension of the world and self-observation which they express in tones and lines. For some, it is a great way to build skills in proportions, anatomy, and structure of the human body and head. This ACV course will teach you: - Different still life styles - How to construct the human or animal body using strong anatomy knowledge taught in the classes - Simple composition & multifigure composition - The difference between linear and tonal drawings - How to mix and manipulate these two style types in your drawing Please bring your own materials, including paper.



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