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For more than 10 years, Art Classes Vancouver has provided high-quality art education in classical sculpture, drawing, and painting.


It's the ideal place to build a solid portfolio to apply for an art program, get your first creative job, or move your VFX career to the next level.

Unleash your creativity at

Art Classes Vancouver



We believe in carrying on the legacy of constructive drawing and classical sculpture.
Art Classes Vancouver offers a unique curriculum to students and professional artists alike. Through our three-dimensional approach to drawing and anatomically informed sculpture, you will gain a strong understanding of the way objects exist in three-dimensional space, and how to replicate them in clay or on paper.
A good foundation in constructive art principles and realism will boost an artists' skills in any medium they choose, and will open the doors to a greater sense of creativity and freedom.
We want to support artists of all experience levels in unlocking their creativity, and guide them in their journey to making great art!
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About the Instructor

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Mikhail (Michael) Pertsev is a second-generation artist born into an artistic family, his mother a musician and father a painter. He is a classically-trained, multimedia artist with an MFA in public outdoor and indoor art and his art has been installed in parks in Europe and Canada as well as being housed in private locations.

Mikhail opened Art Classes Vancouver in 2009 after immigrating to Canada from Russia in the previous year with the goal of providing his students with high-quality education in classical sculpture, drawing, and painting.

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Mediums Taught at ACV




Sculpture is one of the oldest mediums and has 3-dimensional, physical qualities which separates it from drawing and painting.
Learning sculpture is very beneficial. Through the process of recreating an image that we already have in our imagination in a three-dimensional form, we connect with not just the intellectual but also the physical aspect of our being.
Learning sculpture not only benefits hobbyists, but also any professional working with art, such as VFX artists working with digital 3D modeling. 

For some creatives, the purpose of drawing is a philosophical comprehension of the world and self-observation which they express in tones and lines. For some, it is a great way to build skills in proportions, anatomy, and structure of the human body and head.

No matter the genre - figurative, abstract, monumental, or miniature - the medium of painting has been and remains one of the most popular discipline in visual arts.
Painting has qualities similar to drawing due to the use of tones but it also has an advantage: colors that make paintings so attractive. 

Student Works

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